Quick Charge 360° Magnetic Cable ( Smart Version ) – Mabits Chargers
Quick Charge 360° Magnetic Cable ( Smart Version )
Quick Charge 360° Magnetic Cable ( Smart Version )
Quick Charge 360° Magnetic Cable ( Smart Version )
Quick Charge 360° Magnetic Cable ( Smart Version )
Quick Charge 360° Magnetic Cable ( Smart Version )
Quick Charge 360° Magnetic Cable ( Smart Version )
Quick Charge 360° Magnetic Cable ( Smart Version )
Quick Charge 360° Magnetic Cable ( Smart Version )
Quick Charge 360° Magnetic Cable ( Smart Version )
Quick Charge 360° Magnetic Cable ( Smart Version )

Mabits Smart Charger 

Unbreakable design



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  • Anti-dust protection even when your device is not charging 
  • Protects against battery fatigue, overheating and overcharging.
  • 540° rotation to hold comfortably and increase cable life.
  • Save time with ultra Fast charging and data transfer at the same time.
  • IC Smart chip makes it compatible with all your devices

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Indestructible: Military-Grade Material

Mabits cable tolerates being bent over 25,000 times and lasts an enormous 12x longer than other cables. This feature brings our chargers close to impossible to break.

The internal layout is designed to drastically reinforce the cable heads, which is where most cables tend to fail.

Charges up to 50% from 0% in 20 minutes when paired with a 3Amp Fast Wall Charger.

Far from your traditional charger, Mabits cable delivers smart fast charging with up to 3Amp fast charging and 4800 Mbps data transfer on all device types including Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel and many more.

Indestructible Material

Fast charge and data transfer


All-in-one fast charging cable that charges all your devices.

Trying to find the best charger for your smartphone?

This USB charging cable works with your iPhone, android, speakers & and many more. All through a single cable with interchangeable tips.

You'll love that our smart cable heads allow you to quickly & easily switch between Micro USB, Type C, and lightning while you're on the go.

Made to improve your daily life. Simply connect your charger and take the hassle out of the cords that can snap and break when you least expect it.

Mabits smart charger will automatically stop charging your device when it detects a full battery. Only charging the necessary amount, this smart protection feature protects your device against battery fatigue.

One cable for all your devices

Protects against battery fatigue


Extends device life with higher-grade protection

Mabits chargers extends device longevity by reducing the frequency of plugging and unplugging of your phone. The simple magnetic connection extends the life of the expensive internal components.

No more damage on the charging port from the continuous push and pull of traditional cables.

Mabits 2021 charging cable comes with smart battery fatigue protection that helps your phone from overheating and overcharging. No more worrying about forgetting to disconect your device when charging at night.

Extends device life

Protects from overheating and overcharging.


Packed with features

Charging while video calling can sometimes get awkward. Unlike other charging cables, Mabits charger comes with 360° rotation allowing you change the angle of your charger without breaking it.

Now you can rest in a comfortable position while talking to love ones or playing your favorite videogame. Don't worry about breaking another charger again.

Plus, leaving the charging tip on your device will protect it from dust entering the port. Anti-dust protection works even if your device is not charging.

360° rotation

Anti-dust protection

Built and tested for maximum efficiency

Not only was the mabits smart cable designed to provide you with a superior charging experience, it was done so without compromising safety and efficiency.

Safe Charging

Adaptive SmartChip technology protects your device from overcharging.

Anti-dust Protection

Mabits charging tip protects against dust entering the port. Dusty ports prohibit cables from charging your devices. Plus our dust protection feature works even when your device is not charging.

 360° Smart Rotation

Bending leads to failure, Its 360° rotation offers
a lifetime cable that does not fray or wear under common use. With this ingenious design, this cable will never get in the way when holding and charging.


What's Included?

(1) 3Amp Fast Charging Cable
(1) Lightning iOS Charging Tip
(1) Type-C Charging Tip
(1) Micro-USB Charging Tip
(1) Product Care Guide
(1) 30-day money back guarantee
(1) 12-month worry-free warranty 

Frequently Asked Questions  

If you have any other questions, please reach out to us via chat or mabitschargers@gmail.com